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Black Castor Oil w/ MSM Sulfur

Brand: Products of the Earth
Product Code: 31801
Availability: Out Of Stock
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Our Black Castor Oil w/MSM Sulfur is made with 100% organic Castor Oil and 100% organic sulfur known as Methylsulphonalmethane (MSM). Our organic MSM is edible, and is different from the synthetic yellow inorganic sulfur (usually found in some cosmetic products). Black Castor Oil is one of nature's best all-natural rapid hair growth applications. The roasted and boiled castor bean provides a nutrient rich moisturizer that thickens, softens, and makes hair more manageable, while repairing dry, brittle hair and split ends. Black Castor Oil also relieves dry skin while cleansing, clearing, and tightening pores.

Our Black Castor Oil w/MSM Sulfur is infused with organic MSM. MSM has shown an ability to help with pain and inflammation, improve the elasticity of the skin, nourish collagen in the body, and cause the hair and nails to grow strong and healthy. Our Black Castor Oil w/MSM Sulfur may also be used as a skin moisturizer and cuticle oil.

Our Black Castor Oil w/MSM Sulfur is intended for external use only.




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