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Frankincense (Resin) & Charcoal

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Frankincense (Resin) & Charcoals

Origin of Frankincense (Resin)

More than just an incense! 

Throughout history, Frankincense has been widely regarded for its spiritual use and its many health benefits topically and internally. It is burned in temples all over the world. In the Kemetic (African/Egyptian) Spiritual System, Frankincense was first used by traditional priest (healers) and commoners of Kemet (Africa/Egypt) as offerings to the Neteru (Gods) and for embalming purposes. For this reason, it is highly valued in the spiritual domain. There are also many references to Frankincense in the Bible and other modern religious & sacred traditional spiritual text.

Frankincense has been used to treat and relieve anxiety, depression, disorders, nervousness, hysteria, stress, and insomnia. It also helps to relax the mind, body and spirit. Burning Frankincense purifies and cleanses the space of any room, living quarter, hut, or building and is used in a similar fashion like smudging done with White Sage. Burn Frankincense in any area or space where energy isn't favorable or where the air is unlean. Traditional priest (healers) also burn Frankincense to treat respiratory issues, infections, and assist in the removal of phlegm and toxins from the body. Frankincense also acts as a mild brain & lung cleanser.

Note: Frankincense is a incense that can be used for spiritual activities or as a cleanser & purifier for any area that may need it.


Size: 1 oz. of Frankincense Resin with 4 Charcoals




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