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Tangerine Essential Oil (Kosher)

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Tangerine Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus Reticulata

Method of Cultivation: Kosher

Common Method Of Extraction: Cold expression

Parts Used: Fruit peel

Note Classification: Top

Aroma: Fresh, sweet, orange-like

Largest Producing Countries: USA and China

Traditional Use: Mostly used in the fragrance industry. Tangerine oil does contain limonene, which may suggest its use in household cleaners.

Therapeutic Properties and common uses: Anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, hypnotic, laxative, stimulant, tonic

Blends Well With: Basil, black pepper, chamomile, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lemon, myrrh, neroli, nutmeg, palmarosa, patchouli, petitgrain, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang

Of Interest: The tangerine is a variety of the mandarin orange. You may sometimes see it on the market as Citrus x tangerine. The oils have similar properties, but different aroma characteristics.

Safety Data: May cause skin irritation.

Products Used In: Tangerine Facial Cleanser, Neroli Balm, Citrus & Oats Earth Facial Scrub.

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